Integrated MedReps, LLC – Healthcare Physician Practice Management

Integrated MedReps, LLC (IMR) welcomes you to our website and thanks you for the opportunity to share our innovative concept in medical practice marketing.  As a marketing consulting company catering specifically to the medical sector, IMR trains, manages and continually educates your practice’s designated marketing representative in order to maximize the success of your healthcare practice’s marketing endeavors.  In our turn-key approach, IMR places your practice’s marketing representative, then assists and manages him or her in implementing our proven strategies to successfully develop the four pillars, or main areas, of marketing: referral-based, web-based, internal and external marketing.  Your practice’s marketing representative functions as an integral part of your medical office staff, not as an outside source handling your practice development needs.  Through IMR’s marketing consulting services partnering with your practice’s marketing representative, you can focus directly on patient care while your medical practices continues to grow, spending your valuable time appropriately.

An Investment, Not an Expense

Using IMR’s practice marketing consulting services will prove to be an investment in your company, not an expense.  Our on-going training, education, management, support and constructive feedback while working alongside your practice’s marketing representative will help your medical practice realize its full potential, bringing an increased flow of patients and subsequent revenue through our effective and efficient marketing strategies.  Through years of experience in the medical industry (see owner Chad Schwarz’s bio), IMR has identified what specifically works best when marketing healthcare practices; IMR knows what gets results, and our intent is to share with you and implement what we have learned about referral-based, web-based, internal and external marketing for the benefit of your medical office.

Our Goal

IMR’s goal is to have your healthcare practice grow in patient numbers as your practice’s marketing representative learns to use our pinpointed, streamlined marketing resources and strategies that have been proven to increase the results of money allocated for marketing.  Oftentimes, our existing clients found themselves spending significant amounts on marketing and advertising without realizing their desired results or growing their healthcare practices to their maximum potentials.  IMR provides your practice’s marketing representative with a clearly defined role in marketing your practice; he or she will learn, then execute, delineated strategies that, with our management and support, will attract new patients and reactivate existing patients to increase the traffic flow of patients to your office.

What’s Important to You Is Important to Us

Why waste marketing money?  IMR removes the guesswork and time squandered on ineffective marketing initiatives, concentrating your valuable resources on what really works in the areas of referral-based, web-based, internal and external marketing.  IMR stays abreast of the ever-changing aspects of marketing and public relations, which can help your healthcare practice stand out in and around the community.  Because IMR enables your newly-trained practice marketing representative to effectively manage your state-of-the-art, medical-field-specific marketing strategies, you can focus on what is most important: direct patient care.

Thank you for your time.  IMR looks forward to developing an on-going professional relationship with you so that together, we can help your medical practice flourish.